Digital Content
Design + Code for Advanced Interactive, Experiential, and Data Connected projects.
Partnering with agencies and integrators to deliver project success.
Experiential / User Engagement
Wilkins Media

Experiential content programming for texting photos to the largest screen in Time Square for New Years Eve. Services provided: Text messaging API connections, landing pages, HTML5 application dev, CDN data connections, image detection, manipulation and automated moderation.

Creative Code / Generative Art

Experiments with machine learning artwork which creates unique still life and landscape paintings in the style of the French Impressionists. Designed to create fresh artwork throughout the day, generating a mood based on external variables. Solutions used: Tensorflow, Node.JS

Wayfinding & Directories
Various Clients

User interface design and programming for interactive wayfinding for campus, residential, office, and hotel projects. Sample Accounts: Caltech, the Queen Mary, CBRE

Virtual Receptionists
Various Clients

Allows visitors to easily call or text employees that they're waiting in the lobby. Services Provided Telephone integration, SMS services, data connections to security and analytics systems

Data Connections
Various Clients

API connections to various data sources to bring transit, menu, social and other media automatically to kiosks, video walls and other digital signs. Solutions used: MEAN / MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js

Video Walls
Various Clients

Motion graphics, generative art and data connections for video walls of all sizes. Sample Accounts MTA, Freixenet, TSA, Marriott